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Bullying impacts nearly 1 in 4 students between the ages of 12-18


By definition, the word bullying means a repeated pattern of behavior where someone has power over someone else.

Since bullying is often misunderstood, it doesn’t always get addressed until it’s too late. Bullying can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, poor grades, job loss and a multitude of other issues that may not always present themselves to the public eye. Bullying can have negative long-term effects, which is why it’s important to seek help if you’re experiencing negative effects that do not go away.

I work with may children, adults and families who have experienced emotional pain due to bullying. I can provide additional empowerment and skills to address the bullying with those who have been affected, and help create a stronger, more positive support system. If the situation does escalate to the point where school intervention is needed, I can help guide and moderate the meetings that take place at the school.

I believe “knowledge is power”, which is why I regularly speak on this topic at schools and community events, and have been a guest contributor on several podcasts, publications and other broadcasts. I am also the founder of The Empowerment Space and authored The Empowered Child: How to Help Families Cope, Communicate and Conquer Bullying.

I do my best to make therapy sessions as convenient as possible. I am available to meet in-person, over the phone or Skype*. 

*Skype therapy sessions are available for clients residing in California.

Children who are bullied may display warning signs before they tell you or another adult. These can include:

  • A strong dislike in school

  • A change in friends and social behavior

  • Repeated physical injuries

  • A change in eating and/or sleeping

  • Isolating in room and talking less

  • A decline in grades and academic performance

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